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EGGS! 🍳 After Outerbridge

As 2022 gets cracking (sorry, couldn’t resist), I’m sharing this conceptual mini story that I put together with food stylist Veronica Laramie, celebrating the might egg.

Usually egg-focused content for the upcoming springtime months tends to be chock full of pastels, but I instead took a page of inspiration from photography history. I love all of Paul Outerbridge’s geometric egg studies throughout his photographic lifetime, and they were very influential in the history of still life photography in the 1900s, so I wanted to do a nod and contemporary update to Outerbridge’s eggs, adding a motion component and bringing some of the iconic yellowness of eggs to the black and white world.

For lighting schemes I brought in a spotlight mount to get really crisp black and white shadows, a la many of the original Outerbridge works. The shadows and lighting in a sense were another “prop” in the images, helping to create a space age, graphic world. For the various images, I wanted to play on classic “egg” tales: Humpty Dumpty falling down a wall, Salvador Dali-style eggs dripping over architectural shapes, and a breakfast time tableau with milk and egg-in-a-hole toast.

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