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sitting still/standing still (2022)

The series, sitting still/standing still, is a multimedia still life meditation on the push-pull between artifice and nature. Set against the backdrop of the Mojave, the series follows the lives of two inanimate main characters as they experience the oft-surprising biodiversity of the desert and the undeniable human presence therein.

This work was supported by the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency. Select pieces are shown here; please contact me for a full catalog and print availability.

Materials: prickly pear cactus, chicken wire, found rocks and brick, tree branch

Materials: sunscreen allergy remedies, spiny senna, water

Materials: sacred datura, rhodonite

Materials: creosote, seeded glass vase, found rocks

Materials: Apricot, oleander, Raina Lee ceramics bowl, found rocks

Materials: strawflowers, seeded glass vase, found rocks

Materials: strawflowers, cholla skeleton, found rock

Materials: godetia, concrete vase

Materials: market saturn peaches, desert willow, chinaberries, netting bag

Materials: Dasha Matsuura, white sage, scorpion bracelet, fire

Materials: palo verde, resin circle, sunlight

Materials: bunny ear cactus, string

"The Essayist (for Miles Griffis)"
Materials: yarrow, california buckwheat, old man’s beard, desert willow, russian sage, tree cholla blossom, elephant garlic blossom, woven basket, woven hat

Materials: gallery podia, Joshua tree

Materials: gallery podia, found rocks

Materials: photographs, gravity



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