Stephanie Shih Photography

donuts flowers bouquet still life
still life mooncake midautumn festival
madeleines teacup rose still life
raspberry chocolate cake with tea
chocolate study still life flatlay
artichoke beer grapes pomegranate still life
passionfruit mushrooms still life
candy flower halloween bouquet still life
candy flower halloween bouquet still life
flowers bitter melon dark chocolate still life flickering candle
sourdough bread tomatoes walnuts
mini bundt cakes chocolate flatlay
raddichio lettuce apple orange passionfruit still life
vermouth cheese pasta mushroom still life
stack of plum cakes
sourdough bread flowers still life
blueberries on rustic table
blueberry rhubarb pie with cream
apricots in water
orange grove
green tomatoes on the vine
rose raspberry tart flower still life
pear cake afternoon tea still life
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