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Nature Torte (2022–ongoing)

Nature Torte unifies two things that could not seem more different: the natural world… and cake. Both represent impermanence, though on drastically divergent timescales. They both have extremely fragile natures that require balance, while being surprisingly study in spite of their delicacy. And most crucially, both are objects that we now consume: our physical consumption of dessert and our touristic, environmental consumption ofthe natural world. 

This project was in part supported by the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency.

Vanilla and lemon curd (no. 1) , Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

Vanilla and lemon curd (no. 2) , Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

Matcha strawberry cream (no. 2), Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

Blackberry mocha (no. 1) , Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

Ube (no. 2), Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

Spirit fingers, Joshua Tree, CA. (2022)

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